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Climate Dispatches - Oxfam GB

Voices at the frontline of climate change too often go unheard, sidelined at world summits and in the media. Making the invisible, visible, Climate Dispatches are designed to raise these urgent stories through immersive audio-visual postcards imagined in full colour. This inaugural series partners with Oxfam to deliver the evocative testimonies of three young climate activists bravely sharing their personal lived experiences in Peru, Kenya and The Philippines. Stirring outrage and hope in equal parts, each dispatch asks us to witness climate inequality like never before, provoking us to join the fight for justice to make polluters pay. Let’s see what they see, and make their stories our stories. A better future is not a world away, but the richest polluters must pay. Join the call for climate justice with @oxfamgb & @waterbearnetwork 👉 Sign the petition to #MakeRichPollutersPay 

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