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Get Involved

Anyone in our surrounding villages can get involved, through activities such as social get-togethers, Chinnor community gardens and growing, improving gardens as wildlife habitats, surveying local hedgerows or supporting the Chinnor community orchard. ​ 

We work in partnership with many brilliant local communities and groups: find out more about our partners by visiting our Local Partners page. 

We are planning a number of short term and longer-term projects including:

  • Working with local landowners to try and get a good link from Chinnor to The Phoenix Trail

  • Providing information and ideas on recycling, greener living, plastic-free etc.

  • Tree planting projects

  • Supporting Mill Lane Community Garden and local orchard.

  • Providing input on new developments

  • Liaising with local landowners on environmental issues

  • Solar Streets initiative

  • Reducing waste and consumption

  • Supporting the Low Carbon Hub

Recycling, rubbish and waste - South Oxfordshire District Council 


We would love to hear from you

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