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Chinnor COP26

Like many environmental groups, we took part in several discussions and initiatives surrounding the UN Climate Conference 2021.  In particular, we started the Chinnor COP26, inspired by the successful Thame initiative. It has been fantastic to see the level of public engagement around 'green' issues increasing, and we hope to keep this trend going!

Local Community

Chinnor COP26 is a localised version of the Glasgow COP26, based on a recent successful campaign in Thame – please visit their website to see how it works.

Chinnor COP26 invites the parties in the Chinnor and surrounding areas (businesses, schools, faith organisations and community groups), to come together and do our part in enabling a thriving and resilient future for our planet.

Real Change

Chinnor COP26 volunteers are arranging conversations with shops, businesses and other organisations. These conversations will seek to explore COP26 generally and also find out

  • What actions businesses have already undertaken to help reduce their emissions and increase biodiversity.

  • Changes they would like to see happen.

  • Commitments they can undertake to make a difference in the next 6 months

Visible Commitment

All parties involved will be invited to share their conversations and efforts and their commitments on social media and on the Chinnor COP26 website. This will enable them to showcase their business. They will also be offered a Chinnor COP26 badge to display on their premises window or counter.
Next year, participants will be invited to attend a Chinnor COP26 social where we can share and celebrate our achievements.


It's not just Thame and Chinnor, lots of local groups got involved in the "Great Big Green Week' - a week of initiatives  surrounding COP26 created by Friends of the Earth. Here's what Princes Risborough Climate Action got up to - challenging world leaders are COP using the #MyBitYourBit initiative

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