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Chinnor & Thame Friends of the Earth AGM Report

Thank you to everyone that attended and helped prepare for the AGM and the Cosy Homes presentation on the 22nd of February. The co-ordinator's report is below Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth AGM 22nd February 2024

Coordinator’s report

Good evening, everyone and welcome to the short AGM followed by the Cosy Homes presentation. Thank you all for coming. My name is Maureen Dyroff. I am the coordinator of Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth. Introduce treasurer Jeannette Matelotte.

Co-ordinator’s report

The aim of this report is to highlight our work and activities during 2023.

2023 was another very worrying year for the environment with more new and urgent reports from the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), and other scientific bodies on the lack of progress needed to slow climate change, as well as huge biodiversity losses. Sadly, the COP (Conference of the Parties) 28 climate conference, which took place inDubai last December, did not result in the international agreements that are needed. We need to keep the pressure up on the decision makers.

I went to London yesterday to support Friends of the Earth, Good Law Project and Client Earth in the High Court, where they were taking action against the UK government over its weak and inadequate climate action plan.

There are some positive signs, such as the faster than predicted rise in renewable energy production worldwide. Also, China’s carbon emissions are expected to peak this year, which is much sooner than expected.

Our work in 2023

Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth continued to hold monthly planning and

campaigning meetings and events, which included the Warmer Homes Campaign. This campaign targeted politicians, calling for

  • Urgent support for people dealing with high energy bills

  • A new emergency programme to insulate our homes

  • An energy system powered by cheap green renewables

We ran 2 very successful Green Fayres, in Chinnor and Thame, where we provided

information and advice on a range of environmental issues, as well as a range of eco stalls.

To encourage people to reuse, we ran a Bike Exchange, Swap Shop and a Table Top Sale in Chinnor. More of these events will be put on this year.

In March, we organised a Chinnor Litter Pick with Chinnor Wombles, and our next Litter Pick is on Sunday 17th March, meeting at Whites Field Car Park at 10am. Please do support this.

We have continued to work with other environmental groups and the local schools.

We have supported schools by donating books on how to care for the environment

Our support in the village included donating NO IDLING signs and donating Children’s books about Nature and the Environment to Chinnor and Thame Libraries.

We continued to work with Chinnor Parish Council to develop their environment Policy and to carry out their carbon reduction objectives.

We contributed to the recent Planning Appeal, which resulted in the rejection of more houses in Chinnor, on the Thame Road.

We particularly thank the One Climate Centre at Hedgerley Wood for the many film nights on Climate Change they put on, including the film ‘Right Here Right Now’, about local environmental initiatives, which was shown at last year’s AGM.

Climate Cafes A new venture last year was the Chinnor Climate Café, set up with Ali Gordon Creed, with the aim of creating a friendly welcoming space where:

  • You can learn more about environmental issues

  • You can find out what’s happening locally and help out if you wish to

  • You can chat about your concerns / anxieties and find ways to transform them.

Topics shared at the Climate Cafes included

  • Biodiversity and Nature, Helping Hedgehogs and Bats

  • Plant based meals,

  • Sustainable Food

  • Plastics, Recycling and Saving Energy.

The Climate Cafes are normally held on the last Wednesday of the month, at the Village Centre from 10.30 – 12 noon and in the evening at a local venue. The next Climate Café is on Wednesday next week, at Whites Field Café at 7pm, with a presentation on Help theHedgehog. Everyone is welcome.

Ruth and Jenny continue to send out our news and climate action emails to over 150 people and do a great job on the social media front, sharing news, actions and events. We were pleased to welcome Graham to the team, who is keeping our website up to date.

Tom Knowles continues to develop his Farm Walks, inspiring people about sustainable farming methods at Village Farm in Emmington.

We undertook training with Greenpeace on Project Climate Vote, and commenced house to house canvassing in Chinnor.

We will be asking people to examine the Climate Policies of the candidates in the next general election, before they decide who to vote for. They are then invited to display a poster in their window saying ‘I’m a Climate Voter’.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining this campaign. We are looking for

someone to come along and record the information from people on the doorstep.

Our thanks to everyone involved with Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth, for all they have done, however small, acknowledging all the work that is carried out behind the scenes. We also thank all those who supported any of our events and campaigns throughout the year.

Treasurer’s Report

We thank Jeannette who stepped in 2 years ago temporarily, and will be stepping down as Treasurer. Is anyone interested in taking on this role?

Would anyone like to volunteer to help with the coordinator’s role?


Our topic for the evening – Energy

The environmental benefits of retrofitting homes is clear and simple. Better insulated

homes require less energy, which cuts down on fuel consumption and brings Britain closerto its climate targets. Without measures to insulate Britain’s homes, the country will struggle to meet crucial goals set in the Paris climate agreement.

Insulation of our homes, whether rented or owned, is a vital part of reducing energy costs whilst staying warm. There are some government grants available for some home improvements, but we are calling on the government to support every household to futureproof their home, in a nationwide programme of home insulation. A group of very brave people from all walks of life, put themselves in danger when they stopped traffic to highlight the need to Insulate Britan. A moving short film has been made at the One Climate Centre in Chinnor, featuring some of these people. Please let me know if

you would like to see this film.

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