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Restore Nature Now - 22nd June - London

Here’s everything you need to know about the march next weekend.Thousands of people and over 300 organisations will be standing up for nature and showing politicians of all colours that we need and want better leadership on climate.March route The march will go from Park Lane to Parliament Square. Here is an interactive map with more info.


  • 12 noon - The march assembles in Park Lane, which will be closed to traffic from 11:30am. There will be music, speakers and activities (including a families space at the woods bloc)

  • 1pm - Off we march!

  • 2:15pm - Rally begins in Parliament Square with speakers and music

  • 4:30pm - Rally ends


Find your blocThere are four thematic blocs: 

  • The woods bloc includes the Woodland Trust, the Wildlife Trusts, Friends of the Earth, and family and youth groups including XR Families

  • The water bloc includes the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Marine Conservation Society, Angling Trust and others who fight to protect the health of our waterways 

  • The land bloc includes the National Trust, WWF, Plantlife and 16 other groups who stand up for animals and nature

  • The air bloc includes the RSPB and other birdlife backers, as well as alliances from education, faith, justice, health as well as climate and science groups

March with the bloc that resonates with you or join anywhere. All welcome.

Love and birdsong,XR UKPS Can’t join us in London? Support from home. 

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